Home staging: design, decoration, accessorizing, lighting

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Declutter your home, De-personalize home, Fix and repair, Painting, Refurnishing, Accessorize A complete guide to enhance your house. Home staging a property involves many techniques: design; decoration, accessorizing, lighting etc. These techniques can also help you revamp your house for your own self so you can enjoy it at its best for many years to come. This video will show all of the basic home staging concepts like: de-cluttering, de-personalizing, painting, re-furnishing and re-accessorizing and more to obtain great results and sell your house faster and for a better price. You will see how to stage different rooms including kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, even the closets and not to forget the exterior, landscape, the windows etc... You will also see how to use lighting, painting, furniture and accessories to create decors and ambiences that will completely transform your house at a reasonable price but for a maximum return on investment. Special Guest: Sveta Melchuk. A leader in the Real estate Staging industry since 2005, Sveta Melchuk has worked with hundreds of realtors, home sellers and real estate investors. She delivers all her expertise in this complete video guide. How to renovate a wood staircase. How to remove old carpet in a staircase and replace it with new natural wood stairs for a splendid new look. How to use interior moulding to add value to your house when selling. How to stage a kid room with Sveta Melchuk. Painting, curtains, furniture, etc. How to increase your house curb appeal. How to increase the curb appeal of your house to attract the maximum potential buyers. The fasade, landscaping, doors, windows, etc. How ro renovate an old wooden garage door. How to install mouldings on an old garage door and completely change its look. How to stage a den with Sveta Melchuk. Painting, curtains, furniture etc. How to stage a master suite bedroom with Sveta Melchuk. Painting, curtains, furniture, accessories, etc. How to pan your home staging. How to properly plan the home staging of your house. How to use vignettes in home staging, Concept and examples. How to stage the windows of your house when selling. How to stage your dining room with Sveta Melchuk. Paint, curtains, furniture, accessories, etc. The basic repairs you need to do before home staging of your house. How to paint your kitchen cabinets and obtain durable professional results. Appropriate for melamine, thermoplastic, wood cabinets etc. How to install a wooden O'gee moulding on an exterior window an transform its look. Installation and finish. How to stage your closets when selling your house with Sveta Melchuk. How to stage a dinette with Sveta Melchuk. Painting, furniture and decoration. How to stage the kitchen with Sveta Melchuk. Painting, cabinets, appliances, accessories etc. How to declutter and depersonalize your house before putting it for sale on the market. How to stage your basement with Sveta Melchuk when selling your house. How to use interior paint to stage your house. How to select the proper colors and finishes for each different rooms. How to stage a bathroom with Sveta Melchuk, Paint, accessories, decoration etc. How to stage your living room with Sveta Melchuk. Paint, curtain, furniture, accessories, decoration etc. How to furnish your house when selling. Select the right style and obtain the best results at minimum cost. How to paint ceramic tiles using the proper products and techniques and obtain durable professional results. Kitchen, bathroom etc. How to repair your delaminated kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

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