How to refinish hardwood floors, sanding, repairs, staining and finishing

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To enjoy your hardwood floors as much as possible, here is a complete guide on how to refinish hardwood floors. You will see how to sand your floor properly. We will show you step by step procedure for each sanding cut. You will learn how to repair Hardwood floor, how to remove and replace boards. Once the floor is perfectly sanded, we will show you how to stain it and then how to refinish it using the best products available on the market. All this so you can refinish your Hardwood floor yourself and obtain professional results at a fraction of the cost. Types of wood floors. The different type of wood floors and how to identify them before sanding. The hardwood floor conditions before sanding and an overview of the different sanding paper grades. Finishing your harwood floor. How to finish your hardwood floor after sanding it using water base finish. How to stain your hardwood floor using oil base or water base stains. Repairing the harwood floor. How to remove and replace damaged hardwood planks. The 4 different cuts and demonstration of the different tools. Steps to follow before sanding the floor. How to prepare the hardwood floor and the room before sanding. Removing mouldings and all other obstacles.

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