Building an Addition: Planning, Foundations, Framing, Roofing, Insulation, Soundproofing

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How to Build an Addition to House. You will see in this video step by step instructions on how to plan and construct an addition to your house. You will see the construction from the excavation up till the finishing of the interior. We take you through the construction of the wood frame, the floors, the walls and the roof, as well as the complete insulation of the new addition. You will also learn how to soundproof the walls and floors using new methods available to the construction industry.The knowledge acquired from this video will allow you to better plan and undertake the construction of the addition to your house with complete confidence in attaining professional results at a fraction of the cost. This video includes: Planning Taking proper measurements Excavation Foundations Waterproofing foundations Insulating foundations Pouring the basement slab Construction of the frame The roof Insulation Soundproofing of walls and floors Framing floor walls and roof introduction. Framing for the making of an annex floor, walls and roof trusts Annex insulation walls and attic. Insulation a new annex walls and roof using fiber glass batts and polystyrene insulation boards. Planning an addition to your house. Panning the construction of an annex to your house. Construction of the foundations. The construction of the foundations for an annex to your house. Excavation, framing, pouring the footings and the foundation walls. Concrete foundations insulation. How to insulate the foundation walls form the outside using polystyrene insulation boards. Damp proofing foundations. How to install a self adhesive membrane on the foundations walls form the out-side to prevent any water infiltrations in the basement.

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