Bathroom: Design, Tub and Shower, Toilet, Tiling, Sinks and Faucets, Floor Coverings

30 Mins Audio: English Maturity Rating ALL

Tub and Shower, Toilet, Cabinets, Tiles, Sinks and Faucets, Floor Coverings, Decoration You will see in this learning video how to plan and execute the complete renovation of your bathroom. Principal notions of design are discussed. You will see how to install new fixtures like a shower, whirlpool bath, low water usage toilet, and new bathroom cabinets, counters, sinks and faucets.We explain in detail how to install ceramic tiles and the complete decoration of your bathroom. If you just want to repair a defective faucet, or completely redo your bathroom, you will find in this learning video all the information you need for the job. Thanks to this video you can save money by doing it yourself and still get professional results. This video includes: Design Wall construction Basic plumbing Soundproofing of walls and ceilings Installation of a whirlpool bath Installation of a shower Installation of a toilet Installation of sinks and faucets Installation of counters and cabinets Installation of fibrous cement panels Installation of ceramic tiles Installation of vinyl floor covering Applying primer sealer and finishing paint

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