Landscaping: Treated Wood, Vegetation, Water Garden, Lawn, Concrete Blocks

54 Mins Audio: English Maturity Rating ALL

How to Build a Deck, Build a Concrete Block or Paver Patio, Build a Backyard Pond Green Landscaping. You will see in this learning video how to plan and execute your own landscaping project. Basic principles are explained so that the results of your landscaping project are successful and correspond with your tastes. Among other things you will learn how to use treated wood, which is an easy to use and an indispensable material for landscaping. Different structures and decorating ideas are presented. The construction of fences, and patios is shown as well as the methods used to successfully integrate them into your landscape project. We explain step by step how to construct a garden path made with concrete block, including borders and foundations, and how to install an artificial pond. All the necessary products required are presented in detail. We discuss plants for our landscaping project. Plants that suit our climate are suggested. Perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees - coniferous and deciduous and finally the lawn. Transplanting and plant maintenance are discussed as well. This learning video includes: Construction of a treated wood patio Cement foundations Structures Finishing Construction of fences Assembly of an arbor and flower stands Applying base coats, painting and tinting exterior wood Cement blocks for driveways Excavation of foundations Installing paving stones Installing borders Construction of concrete block supporting walls Construction of concrete block borders Setting up a water garden

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