Interior decorating: Gypsum Panels, Mouldings, Painting, Tapestry

28 Mins Audio: English Maturity Rating ALL

This video presents many techniques that exist to completely transform the look of one or several rooms in your home. For example it explains how to repair drywall, plaster, put up wooden moldings and wallpapper borders and properly apply paint. Using the techniques and ideas provided in this tutorial video you can create unique and personalized decors. This tutorial video explains a multitude of decorating ideas and shows you how you too can do it yourself. This DIY video contains precious technical information, a lot of tradesman's tricks, and a few ingenious new products, so the results of your home decor projects will be well made and durable. With the information in this DIY video you will succeed in your own ambitious home decoration projects. It will be indispensable for anyone wishing to renovate or simply redecorate one room in a home. This video includes: Drywall installation Plastering and plaster repair Installation of wood mouldings on doors, windows, baseboards and ceilings Interior painting Surface preparation before painting How to undercoat a wall Painting and staining wood Sponge painting Rag and stencil painting How to hang wallpaper How to hang wallpaper borders by yourself

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