Insulation, Caulking, Ventilation

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With the participation of government energy efficiency departments, this DIY tutorial video provides up to date information on the latest techniques to insulate, weatherproof and ventilate your home. Home owners should know about three basic elements to a healthy and comfortable home: insulation, weatherproofing and ventilation. This tutorial is geared toward all home renovators from the novice to the expert, as well as home owners who wish to hire professionals to execute home renovation projects. This DIY tutorial includes: All the information needed to properly insulate your home Fibreglass insulation Extruded Polystyrene Mineral Wool Foam insulation Exterior wall insulation Insulation of the attic How to prevent air leaks Installation of vapour barriers Caulking of doors and windows Analysing problems with condensation Problems due to high humidity Ventilation Installation of an air exchanger

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