How to Lay Tile on Floor

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Tiling Floors with Michael Byrne. Ceramic tile is a versatile and popular material for all kinds of floors. By learning how professional tile setter Michael Byrne handles the challenges of tiling a watertight bathroom floor and preparing a shower pan, you'll be able to tile any floor in your home, including kitchens, entryways and patios. After an overview of the basic procedures, Byrne gets right into the problem-solving process. You'll find out how to prepare an ideal surface for tiling and how to cut tile efficiently, producing edges that will look and feel right. How to Tile a Bathroom Floor. Beginners will appreciate the clarity and ease of the presentation, while seasoned pros will find Byrne's methods usefully detailed. By watching Byrne you'll learn how to: use a border to simplify and enhance a diagonal layout, mix and float mortar for a substrate that's level and sturdy, incorporate expansion joints so that cove tiles won't crack, and shape a sloping shower pan that won't leak. How to Tile a Shower. Installing the Moisture Membrane Applying the Reinforcing Mesh Mixing Deck Mud Floating a Mortar Floor Beginning the Sloped Shower Pan Waterproofing the Sloped Shower Pan Using the Wet Saw Layout Mixing Thinset Setting Field Tile Tiling Around the Toilet Flange The Snap Cutter Setting the Border and Cove Tiles Grouting Conclusion

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