Basic Stairbuilding - How to Build Stairs in a House

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Basic Stairbuilding with Scott Schuttner. Experienced carpenter explains how to build stairs. With information on straight-run, L-shaped and open-riser stairs, this unique video will prepare viewers for virtually any basic stairbuilding project they faced. How to Build Stairs. A Straight-Run stair Rise and Run Calculations Marking and Cutting the Carriages Handing the Carriages Treads and Risers Railing and Skirtboard An L-Shaped Stair How to build stairs: The Landing Installing the Carriages Framing Under the Stairs The Housed Stringer Checking and Adjusting the Fit The Mitered Skirt Fitting the Treads and Risers Tread and Nosing Details Butted Treads and Risers The Newel Posts The Handrail The Balusters

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