Tiling Walls

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Tiling Walls with Michael Byrne. How to Tile and Waterproof a Bathroom Walls and Shower. Once you learn what professional tilesetter shows you in this step-by-step video workshop, you'll be able to tile any wall in house. From layout to grouting, experienced master offers his special insights into the techniques you need to installing tile walls. Using a bathroom as his setting, tilesetter handles typical problems such as uneven, out-of-plumb walls, and maneuvering around bathtubs, plumbing, and windows. The video workshop is clear enough for beginners and specific enough for professionals. Tilesetter teaches you to see the creative possibilities in awkward situations: a badly placed pony wall, for instance, becomes an attractive focal point by tiling it with a cave and a contrasting pinstripe. By watching Byrne you'll learn to se a jury stick to quickly compare alternative layouts, apply a moisture membrane for a waterproof substrate, mix mortar and float a vertical bed, and cut and shape tile using biters and a snap cutter. As tile master demonstrates his craft, you'll experience firsthand the pace and subtleties of the tiling process. With practice, you'll be able to accomplish professional results on your own.

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