How to Build a Garage: Framing a Garage

55 Mins Audio: English (US) Maturity Rating 16+

Building a Garage by Yourself: framing a garage. In this film, you will see the full cycle of building a garage for wireframe technology from the foundation, to finish finishing. Layout and foundation pouring The erection of walls and roofs OSB frame skins How To Install Flex Tiles Installation of windows and doors Assembly and installation of lifting gates much more. Foundations Step 1. Choosing the sill (bottom) plates Step 2. Laying out the wall Step 3. The Three stud corner Step 4. Wall with doors or windows Step 5. Nailing & positioning the wall Step 6. The garage door framing Step 7. The Cap plate Step 8. Ordering the trusses Step 9. Roof layout Step 10. Roof framing Step 11. Sheathing the roof Step 12. Wall sheathing Step 13. Covering the sheathing with tarpaper Step 14. Checking the window and rough opening Step 15. Installing the windows Step 16. Applying the siding Step 17. Soffits Step 18. Applying the roofing felt Step 19. Applying asphalt shingles

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English (US)