List of Helen Ryan Films

Helen Ryan
The Norwood Builder

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes season 2: The Norwood Builder

Guest Star

A young solicitor, John Hector McFarlane, seeks Holmes's help after retired builder Jonas Oldacre dies in a fire. McFarlane, who benefits from Oldacre's will, is suspected of murder and asks Holmes to clear his name. Holmes looks for another motive and another killer, and dresses up as a tramp to get the information he needs about the Oldacre household. The surprising answer he finds is that Oldacre is not exactly dead.

The Mazarin Stone

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes season 7: The Mazarin Stone

Guest Star

The Mazarin Stone, a famous jewel, acts as a magnet for crime. Holmes investigates the latest and perhaps most curious episode in its adventures.