Field of Dreams (1989) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

Field of Dreams
MPA: PG BBFC: PG Maturity Rating 7+

BBFC Reason
Contains mild sex and drug references

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Sex & Nudity


Rated PG for some language and thematic elements. -A woman accuses a famous author of masturbating. -Reference to pornography in literature. -Mild kissing/sensuality.

Violence & Gore


Gore: None A few mild threats of violence. Several scenes where people yell at each other. A girl falls from a bleacher stand and suffocates, but is saved.



-1 use of assh*le. -3 uses of ass, 1 preceded by the word "horse's." -1 use of son of a b*tch. -1 use of b*tching. -5 or 6 uses of hell. -6 uses of damn. 2 uses of "Nazi cow" The word "sh*t" is spelled out by a woman at a PTA meeting

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Smoking: None Three minor drug references in relation to the 1960's. Grass, acid, and dope are referenced. A married couple mention acid at the dinner table with their young daughter present. Two men drink beer at a baseball game.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


A man threatens to beat another man with a crowbar, to make him go away. A little girl falls backward off the bleachers and is unconscious. Her lips are seen turning blue. She is choking on a hot dog. She is saved by a doctor just minutes later. Although the ending is not tragic, it can be very emotional for some viewers, especially for those who have lost a family member.