Threads (1984) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

Maturity Rating 16+

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Sex & Nudity


A couple is forced to marry due to a pregnancy brought on by fornication. Not shown, but discussed. A girl is seen having unwanted or 'crude' intercourse with a young boy unwillingly and as a result becomes pregnant.

Violence & Gore


Threads presents a graphic realistic portrayal of nuclear war and its aftermath to the screen, the violence is quite graphic for a TV movie. A single nuclear weapon falls near the city of Sheffield (the setting of the film), and it's implied that many people would have been vaporized or terribly burnt in the blast radius which causes mass destruction to homes and neighbourhoods A woman is seen with severe body-burns. Frequent deaths occur in the film from radiation sickness, starvation and attempts at post-war survival In a hospital, many bloody and graphic injuries are shown. We also see much blood and gore on the floors. A doctor removes glass from a child's festering wounds. A bucket of dirty blood is seen being sanitized. A man is seen biting on a rag as his leg is being amputated with a hand saw, without any anesthetic, the scene is not as graphic as it sounds, as we can only see this from a distance. Nonetheless, disturbing. The violence, while presented in a graphic and shocking manner, is not meant to frighten but to educate people on what can happen should there be a nuclear war. A girl is raped offscreen. A boy is shot and killed whilst trying to steal food



Although the film features many angry and frightening scenes where strong language would be entirely expected among the characters, there is only one use (fucking) during a scene where soldiers retrieve a stolen bag of crisps from the body of a looter they have just killed, and it occurs rather ironically when one of the soldiers light heartedly comments that it's a flavour he dislikes. Minor language is used throughout. After the bomb drops one character yells "Aw S*it!."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


People are seen casually drinking and smoking in a pub

Frightening & Intense Scenes


Most of the second half of the movie is very unsettling to watch, as the effects of nuclear war on people and civilization are shown in great detail. An atmosphere of despair fills the rest of the movie with no real uplifting sequences. The film is incredibly bleak, terrifying and disturbing in its accuracy of depicting nuclear warfare and the struggle for survival that follows. A weapon detonates 15 miles from Sheffield and the blast causes windows to smash and strong winds injuring many people. After a bomb detonates on the outskirts of Sheffield, many buildings are destroyed in an extended blast sequence which may be upsetting to some viewers. Post-war Britain is marred by problems ranging from a destroyed ozone layer, a mediaeval-style civilization, and problems in acquiring food. These scenes may disturb sensitive viewers. The hospital scene is quite disturbing, and it is quite dark during those scenes. The scenes are also in quick cuts, with no music. The leg amputation scene is probably one of the most disturbing scenes in the movie. While we do not see the explicit act, we see a closeup of his face as he appears to be in extreme pain, as a doctor saw's his leg off without anesthetic. The deaths are graphic and quite disturbing. Moments after the final scene the credits roll without any music, giving a numb/disturbing feeling. The ending depicts a young girl giving birth to a deformed, stillborn baby.