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The Kindred
MPA: R BBFC: 18 Maturity Rating 18+

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Sex & Nudity


Shortly into the film woman is sitting on the bed in just a shirt, and man is shirtless on the phone a moment after that. Two characters kiss. A sexual assault is hinted for a second, but nothing happens. Two female monsters who look human expose their breasts in a couple of scenes (one quite suggestively). Another one rubs blood on her breasts in one scene. A couple are hinted to be making love in a prison cell, not graphic.

Violence & Gore


Like most of Clive Barker's movies, Nightbreed is a violent film that contains a reasonable amount of violence and moderate levels of gore - some being strong. The introduction shows the monsters who are in the story. Most of them have visible disfigurements which is the common theme of the movie. The first graphic scene shows an evening in a family home. The mother is slashed by a knife-wielding madman, followed by the father having his throat slashed (no blood). This is quickly followed by the insinuation the child of the family will be the next victim (the scene ends before anything is shown). A doctor tells a man he has committed a series of murders. He shows him photos of several bloody murders, graphic. A character is drugged and gets hit by a truck (not shown). In hospital he meets a mentally ill man - who begins to cuts his face with bladed instruments attached to his fingers. A woman screams. The next shot is him tearing the skin off his head including his hair, which tears off - which he shows to the nurses who desperately attempt to stop him doing further damage. Even when restrained, he picks away at the skin on his face. Some blood is shown, and the self-harm is close-up, very graphic and very disturbing. This character has bone and facial tissue showing for the rest of the movie. A monster bites a mans neck - not very graphic and you only see the bloody wound after. A man is shot, quite a bit of blood is shown. They show his supposedly dead body in the morgue with some grisly shots of teeth being removed. Blood is shown on a car window. A man is stabbed with a dagger - some blood. The attacker is caught, a monster tells us he "wants his b*lls and his eyes". A gas station owner is tied up in lights and interrogated, with blood on his face. He is jabbed with a knife to get information. He is then stabbed in the heart (long-shot, not graphic). A dream sequence shows the history of the Nightbreed, part of this is them being decimated by KKK-like troops. Decapitation is shown, as well as some of the monsters in torture devices - nothing is particularly graphic as most of it is in long-shot. Some dismembered heads begin to talk to the camera. There is a sequence showing many of the monsters in their home environment, lots of monsters are shown. A monster is shown eating a dead creature of some sort. A creature bites his thumb until blood comes out, then feeds to his pet eel. Another has the bottom of her face missing exposing tissue behind. Other monsters show general facial and bodily disfigurements which may be disturbing to some. A monster jabs a pin into his chest. A receptionist in a hotel drops a cake on the floor, a man stands on the other side of the desk. When she stands up, a decapitated head is on the desk, the blood from the neck all over the guest-book. The woman is grabbed from behind and gutted (not shown). A character enters a hotel with his girlfriend and "smells blood". On entering one of the rooms, men who were previously gambling lie dead in various bloody dead poses - lots of blood. The man drinks the blood off his fingers. A man enters prison and is aggressively beaten by cops. Some of this is shown, some not. He is left to lay beaten in his cell. A priest digs his nails into the palm of his hands, blood dripping from them. One of the monsters is pulled outside by cops, he appears to be evaporating in the sunlight. The cops beat him to the ground anyway - he eventually explodes in a cloud of dust and blood. Cops are beaten at the police station by the Breed. One is dragged through a broken window which smashes, he is then kneed in the face and beaten to the ground. Another cop is seduced by a female Breed and given a kiss of death of some sort (not graphic). One of the main cops is slashed with a knife. This is supposed to show his neck cut but it's not graphic and you only see part of the wound afterwards. A monster is run over by a truck. A battle between the cops and monsters ensues with many minutes of violence. Some monsters are shot, although no real detail is shown. A creature summons eel-like tentacles from two holes in his stomach, quite unnerving. One of the female breeds punches a hole through a mans heart from the back and pulls on his chest bringing forth blood. A cops head is twisted round violently. One of the cops is enticed into sex with a female of the breed, who has prickles embedded in his face (graphic), another in his back. Two men beat on an injured breed in a sadistic manner. A man gets two tentacles from the eel-like creature driven into his eyes, he falls down dead with injured eyes. A man gets burnt by fiery-liquid from a chalice-like object in a tomb. We see a very brief shot of his face being burnt (very brief and not graphic). One of the breed is shot in the forehead with very little blood. A cop is killed by a flying monster in the same sequence. Monsters called bezerkers are shown, these are very disfigured and to some disturbing. They grab a man by the crotch from behind, and kill many of the cops helpers in various non-graphic ways, throwing some to the ground and into holes. One of the breed rubs blood on her breasts when she sees their dead bloodied bodies. A cop with a flame-thrower makes a mistake and sets himself on fire. A rocket launcher blows up a cop car by accident. A man is shown with another man tied to a statue, supposedly dead. The victim is tied up and visibly mutilated with lots of blood showing. The man collects some burning liquid from the chalice we saw earlier in his hands, driving it into the tied-up mans eviscerated chest, placing it into his heart in graphic closeup. A fight starts underground. The violence is mostly not graphic, however one of the characters fights with a meat cleaver through his back for most of the fight with the blade appearing through the front. He then pulls the other man into the knife embedded in his chest, dropping him off a rock, supposedly his death. The knife is then pulled out of the man.



Roughly 8 f words and other assorted profanity in both cuts

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Drinking and smoking cigarettes is shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


This movie has lots of monsters in it, their disfigurements will likely be disturbing - some more than others. Therefore, the movie flaunts the monsters and their features. The scene which will always earn Nightbreed a higher adult rating is where Narcisse rips his own face off and skin is visibly tearing off. Very intense and disturbing. A psychopath parading round in a dirty mask with a button and zip on is disturbing. That he is a doctor and has many sharp medical implements gives his character a strong threat in addition to the murders he commits. Most of the violence is moderate to mild, with exception of the hospital scene with Narcisse above which classes as strong. Gore is shown, but in context with the theme of the movie this should be expected.