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Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
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Sex & Nudity


When at the Animal Shelter, Sassy is walking across a beam and numerous other animals scream come-ons. They make "cat-calls" like in-mates at a state prison. The animals' crotches are sometimes briefly seen in shots, unintentionally and not in a sexual way. A dog gnaws on women's underwear and discusses in a voice-over how much fun it is.

Violence & Gore


When Chance sees Sassy on a seesaw, he jumps on the other end--sending her flying (but landing safely on all-fours, unharmed). Later, Chance does the same to a mountain lion. Chance fights viciously when the animals see they've been taking to an animal shelter. Shadow is muzzled and dragged back into a cage. We see Chance opening his mouth to vomit after eating Bob and Laura's wedding cake. The content is only seen briefly from a short distance. Chance gets knocked in the face by a porcupine. He has quills sticking out of his face, not very graphic. While at a pound, Chance is taken into a room so the doctors can remove some porcupine quills from his muzzle. Chance makes certain confessions through the scene, such as "I stole underwear on three occasions", then after a quill is removed, "All right, four!" While looking into the room, Shadow tells Sassy that they're killing him. It is put together in a way to show this is not true, but this may still seem intense or scary to young viewers. Shadow is gravely injured in a fall behind a coal cart at a railyard, but survives. Sassy is swept away in a current, apparently drowned in the river after falling from a waterfall. Chance and Shadow are grief-struck by this, until it turns out that Sassy was rescued by a hermit. A dog tells a turkey that he'd like to "chew on his neck a bit". The pound is compared to prison in a way that might be confusing and slightly frightening to younger viewers. A dog tells its friends that a moose is a "large razor-toothed animal that eats the tails off of smaller animals". This scene takes place at night and is rather eerie. A mother bear towers over a dog in a sinister way. A puma chases two dogs, but they outsmart it. A cat is nearly squashed flat under a moving train, but it squeezes out.



2 uses of "stupid". Some mild crude humor, phrases like "cat-calls", "butt-sniffer", "drinking from the toilet", "stare at your butt the whole way", "too pooped to poop", a few dog poop and fart jokes, some innuendo but nothing kids would really pick up on. The three animals find some feces (off-screen) on the ground in the woods. Chance remarks, "whoa, that's as big as Sassy!" to which Sassy says, "at least I don't roll in it like some species". Animals belch (dubbed by human voice actors?) on multiple occasions. "He bit me with his butt" is said during the porcupine scene. Shadow says to Chance, "whatever you do, don't lick yourself," regarding Chance's porcupine quills stuck to his lips. Fat jokes are made at an overweight shelter worker, EG "chubby", "chubster", "tubbo", "thunderbutt". "Dummy" is said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Glasses and bottles are seen in some scenes (could be a different drink besides booze).

Frightening & Intense Scenes


There is a somewhat upsetting theme throughout the film about animal abandonment, which may bother younger viewers and animal lovers. The three main characters come across a large mountain in the middle of a national park. The scene is quite imposing; the stark landscape atmosphere and the ominous music that plays in the background soundtrack may upset younger viewers. When Shadow, Chance and Sassy run away from the farm, Chance gets left behind for a few minutes. A turkey comes out of the barn and scares him. This may be a little scary for some viewers. (This scene is played for laughs somewhat) Another scene where Shadow, Chance and Sassy spend there first night in the woods (After they ran away from the farm), that is frightening. The shelter scene is quite strange and creepy. The three children cope with their new step-father after an apparent divorce (death of their biological father?) and are often disappointed that the father as made them move away from their beloved pets. A yellow roadsign features a dog with sharp teeth. A child cries in fear after becoming lost in the forest, but Shadow stays with her until her family arrives. At some point, Sassy gets swept down a river and gets lost. May be frightening for some viewers. The most frightening moment is when Shadow falls into a hole and injures his leg. It appears for several minutes that Shadow has died, but he ends up alive suddenly.