The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

The Sons of Katie Elder
BBFC: U Maturity Rating 13+

BBFC Reason
mild violence

BBFC Ratings info
The Sons of Katie Elder is a western in which four brothers seek revenge after their father is murdered and their mother swindled out of her home. Violence: Scenes of mild violence include a man's head being submerged underwater as he is urged to give up information; a man being hit across the head with a baseball bat; some injuries sustained during exchanges of gunfire, and some punches and slaps. There is very mild language ('hell').

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Sex & Nudity



Violence & Gore


An attacker repeatedly dunks a man's head in a buckets of water, hurting him. However another man sees this and hits him in the face with a large stick, knocking him out. A deputy tries to arrest several men, but one man jumps him and his gun is taken away. Four men get into a fist fight and punch each other several times, however they are interrupted when another man arrives. Meant to be humorous. A man shoots at another man but misses and hits his horse. A mob wants to lynch several men but they a not allowed. An extended shootout occurs after an ambush, and several men are shot or killed. And explosion occurs. Minor blood. A sniper shoots an unarmed man from a distance in the dark. Dynamite explodes near a man and a large price of wood debris pierces his stomach. A man shoots at one man, but misses and kiss another.



Some minor name calling. 'H*ll' is said once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


A man lights and smokes a cigarette while talking to another man. A scene takes place in a bar where many people are drinking. Two of the main characters drink shots of whiskey. A man lights a cigarette but is told to put it out. When he argues, he is smacked and leaves. Drinking whiskey and smoking cigars.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The large shootout is quite intense. The onscreen shootings and deaths of some of the main characters is intense. A few emotionally intense moments, some include yelling. The violence throughout may be difficult for some viewers.