Getting Even (1986) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

Getting Even
MPA: R Maturity Rating 18+

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Sex & Nudity


No sex scenes. Molly seen nude from the rear, bare rear seen. Paige and Taggar make out, clothed, his hands on her clothed rear.

Violence & Gore


A face melts. A hanging skeleton seen. Several fights, punches thrown. Several gunfights. Numerous people shot, injured, killed. People sickened by gas, die. A person stabbed. People hit with blunt objects. A person dragged behind a horse. A person beaten with a cane. A person falls from a height. Fuel barrels explode. A helicopter explodes.



About 10 h--l, a few d--n, b---h, b-----d.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


A bad guy smokes. People drink at a party. A bad guy drinks.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


People chased with intent to harm.