Firstborn (1984) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: PG-13 Maturity Rating 16+

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Sex & Nudity


PG-13: Intense sequences of action and violence, Strong Graphic violence, nudity and sexuality, drug use involving heroin, cocaine and other types of opioids, smoking, Gore and for pervasive language throughout including emotional abuse of the baby, children and teenagers. (Note: This movie is emotional and graphic) R: Emotional, violent content, some sexuality and nudity. Kissing here and there. When Sam is first introduced, he walks into the kitchen, groggy and not fully awake, implying that he and Wendy slept together.

Violence & Gore


Domestic abuse mostly. Brian is said to get into a lot of fights at school, which occur off camera. Sam abuses Wendy off camera, but we see the results. Jake kicks Sam in the groin and punches him out. Sam becomes very violent towards the end of the film, threatening Jake and slamming him around. In the film's climax, we see Sam slapping around Wendy, who he supposidly loves, he pummels Jake. Brian hits Sam on the back with a bat, for which Sam throws him against a wall and punches Jake in the face.



The word "shit" is used frequently, especially by an 11-year-old. "Dick" is used multiple times as an insult. Other minor curses.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


A subplot deals in the selling of cocaine. There is a scene where Jake finds bottles of pills, and bag of marijuana and cocaine hidden around his mother's room. Jake sees Sam doing a line of coke off his pinball machine during a party, which his mother attends.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


A hard movie to watch for anybody who has been the victim of domestic abuse or who have been in an abusive relationship or are afraid they will ever experience one or the other. Sam is a very intimidating character. He tries to be nice and lures people into trusting him, but at his core, he's a vile, mean person who takes advantage of Wendy and abuses her. Wendy acts like a very inattentive mother, putting her own feelings before her kids'. Sam slams Jake against the wall as she looks on, seemingly unphased. Jake sees his mother around Sam and his cokehead friends having a party one night. Jake's school teacher is a jerk who likes to make classtime miserable for him and his classmates. Sam yells at Jake and Brian and threatens to hurt their mother. The climax is a very dramatic scene that shows how violent Sam can be.