Pi (1998) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: R BBFC: 15 Maturity Rating 16+
MPAA Reason
Rated R for language and some disturbing images.

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Sex & Nudity


Max hears his neighbor moaning sexually. It is very faint, but can be made out. We hear Devi say to someone if he wants to "suck mommy's nipple". She then says, "These t*ittes are so hard."

Violence & Gore


A brain is shown on some stairs and a man pokes it with a pencil. A woman smacks a man in the face, however he is not seriously injured. A man punches a mirror and it breaks. A man is punched, he then hits the other man's arm but it hit again. We see Max rub his nose and blood is seen on his hand. We see blood on Max's nose. Max sees a man with blood dripping down his hand. Max is seen with blood on his nose. We see the same man with the bleeding hand. This time we see a pool of blood and a trail of blood leading to a brain which Max pokes with a pen. He pokes it three times and on the last, a train appears to be heading towards him. We see a bloody brain in Max's sink. He then smashes it (This is not seen). Max drills into his own skull, we see blood splatter everywhere.



7 uses of f*ck, 3 uses of sh*t, 3 uses of b*astard, 3 uses of g*odd*mn, 1 use of d*mn, and 1 use of hell.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


A man injects himself with what we assume to be medicine several times Max is seen taking prescription pills throughout the movie. Max lists off all the drugs he's tried while attempting to alleviate his headaches, this includes: Beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, adrenaline injectors, high dose ibuprofen, steroids, Trigger Matastics, marijuana, Percodan, Midodrine, Tenormin, Sansert, and a few others.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


A man is threatened with a gun pointed at his face. There are many shots of ants, some in close up and some shots of the ants being crushed. This may be difficult for some to watch. Max hallucinates strange sounds. His door begins to shake and it flings open showing us bright white light. This can be a little scary. Max hears loud and piercing sounds at the subway. Max hears a piercing noise and he falls down screaming. When Max pokes the brain , we hear a loud noise. On the third poke, a train is seen heading towards him. This is a jump scare. Max drills into his skull. This is quite disturbing.