The BFG (2016) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: PG BBFC: PG Maturity Rating ALL
MPAA Reason
Rated PG for action/peril, some scary moments and brief rude humor.

BBFC Reason
mild threat

BBFC Ratings info
THE BFG is a fantasy adventure in which a young orphaned girl is carried away to a magical land by a big friendly giant. Threat: There are occasional scenes of mild threat in which a young girl hides from giants who are intent on eating her. This includes a brief sequence in which the girl has a nightmare in which she is dropped into a giant's mouth, but she then wakes up unharmed. There are infrequent scenes of very mild violence, including some large giants bullying and throwing around a smaller giant, and a scene in which the latter touches a red-hot poker onto the bottom of one of his tormentors. Infrequent scenes of toilet humour feature characters farting after drinking a fantastical liquid.

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Sex & Nudity


Violence & Gore


Some family-friendly slapstick and gross-out humor. There are some mild scenes of violence depicted, such as towards the end of the film, where the giants are captured in nets and hoisted away by helicopters.



Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Frightening & Intense Scenes


There are some frightening sequences in the film, though not prolonged and/or intense. The film contains some scenes that convey a mild sense of threat. These include a scene where a giant's hand is seen reaching in through the window to grab the protagonist as she is lying in bed; a scene where the protagonist is seen inside a saucepan as the giant talks about eating her while preparing food, and a scene where the protagonist is grabbed by a giant who drops her into his mouth, etc.