Hook (1991) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: PG BBFC: U Maturity Rating 7+

BBFC Reason
Contains mild language, threat and violence

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Sex & Nudity


Three mermaids kiss Peter Pan to let him breathe underwater. When Tinker Bell becomes a full sized human she displays romantic feelings towards Peter Pan in a dimly lit intimate setting.

Violence & Gore


Peter tries to climb on a pole of a ship to touch his children's reaching hands, but falls. Captain Hook shoots a gun and the bullet goes through a book, killing a pirate. A pirate is shot and killed during a game of baseball. Rufio is stabbed and killed by Captain Hook. A crocodile swallows Captain Hook whole.



1 use of 'damn'. 3 uses of 'hell' as a place (not an expletive, although you may or may not consider the usage vulgar). 2 mild uses of 'ass'. 1 use of 'little buggers'. 8 exclamatory uses of 'God'. 1 use of 'by heaven'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Captain Hook can be seen smoking his 2 cigars on a cigarette holder. After Peter's children are kidnapped by Hook, Peter is seen having a large cocktail (appears to be scotch)

Frightening & Intense Scenes


A pirate is punished by being put in a box with 2 black scorpions Hook holds a gun to his head and threatens to commit suicide. He screams for smee to stop him. Smee tries to intervene, but hook fires the gun - the bullet misses his head and hits a object in the room. One of the members of the Lost Boys touch Peter's face to see if it is him grown up. He later says "Oh, there you are, Peter". The film centres on grown-up Peter remembering his entire past. Rufio is killed during battle and dies in Peters arms.