Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

Ghostbusters: Afterlife
MPA: PG-13 BBFC: 12A Maturity Rating 13+
MPAA Reason
Rated PG-13 for supernatural action and some suggestive references.

BBFC Reason
moderate threat, horror, sex references, implied strong language GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE is a fantasy adventure in which a family move into their deceased relative's rural home, but discover he had learned a frightening secret about the area.

BBFC Ratings info
language: There is implied use of strong language ('fracking'), as well as milder terms including 'shit', 'asshole', 'screwed', 'God', 'hell' and 'damn'. sex: There are occasional comic sex references, such as to 'boning', 'humping', pole dancing, a man unintentionally refers to himself as 'escort', and a teen boy being a virgin. threat and horror: There are scenes of threat and horror, including jump scares, ghosts and demonic entities, and a brief gory moment in which a man is torn in half by a supernatural being but without bloody detail. The scary moments feature action and comedy throughout, and although child characters are involved there is an emphasis on their bravery and resourcefulness. Infrequent scenes feature clips from horror films, including brief sight of a dog attacking a woman. Small marshmallow creatures are skewered, melted and eviscerated in comic sequences. flashing/flicking lights: This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy. There are undetailed references to suicide within a supernatural context. A teenage boy drives a car at high speeds.

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Sex & Nudity


A few references

Violence & Gore


A single scene of violence where a fantasy creature is torn in half with no single blood detail. Only one sequence of violence but everything else in the film has no violent material at all except for some supernatural elements. A man gets ripped in half vertically A man is torn to death by a clawed creature. Very brief and really scene cuts short of showing any actual bodily damage.



Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


On a date, a man and women are shown at the restaurant having an alcoholic drink at the table.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


There are jump scares and some frightening looking ghosts there is also a possesed man and woman which they speak in a demonic voice and they have red eyes. A ghost is released from a trap at a point where you don't expect. This causes a jump scare scene. A mythical wolf like creature chases a man throughout a superstore and through a parking lot with the intent on killing him.