Go (1999) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: R BBFC: 18 Maturity Rating 18+
MPAA Reason
Rated R for strong drug content, sexuality, language and some violence.

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Sex & Nudity


This movie involves several sexual contents, including crude and explicit sexual dialogues, and both male and female nudity. There are some comedic misunderstandings of sexual (mostly gay) nature. Graphic sexual exploits are discussed among men (including types of ejaculation, orgasms and blowjobs). A young boy asks a woman if she will give him a blowjob for 20 more bucks (comedic, not serious). Simon has sex with two British women at the same time. The scene is fairly long, and breasts and more are shown, as well as thrusting. Some male on male kissing at a rave. Two men go to a strip club and get a private dance in a back room (the strippers' breasts are clearly visible, where one of the men grabs a stripper's butt, but is immediately stopped by the bouncer. A man is seen completely naked in his bedroom (backside fully visible), then puts his boxer shorts on, and sits on the bed with a gay young man, making him uncomfortable (highly comedic scene). A married woman kisses another man. A woman is required to remove her shirt and turn around, in order to show that she is not wearing a wire (she is wearing a bra, nothing explicit shown). A young man is seen very often shirtless in a sexy way. A man's buttocks are shown for some seconds as he runs down a hotel hallway to an elevator. A young boy and a woman share a long, deep kiss with eachother, as she touches his chest. The same boy kisses another Woman very passionately. They start kissing while standing up, then they lie on the stairs and keep kissing and rubbing eachother, but are interrupted.

Violence & Gore


There is no gore in this movie, and very little graphic violence, but the violent scenes are kind of sudden and intense. A young man is about to shoot a girl, but is interrupted. A girl is hit by a car after being chased by a man with a gun. After being struck, the woman's body is on the hood of a car, the driver drives to the edge of a ravine and slams on the brakes to dump the body off. Her body is retrieved later and she is found not to be dead. A young man plays around with a gun, but is stopped. The same young man is threatened to be killed with a gun. A man gets shot in the arm (bloody). We later see him getting some stitches. Afterwards, it is implied that he shot the man who shot him, in the arm as well, for payback. There is a quite intense car chase, which ends up with a SUV hitting another car on purpose. Funnily enough, the men in the car are unharmed, but those in the SUV get hurt.



55 uses of Fuck, it is used in a regular context and in a sexual context. The characters in this movie are almost all young and bad-mouthed. Various uses of profanities, such as shit and fuck, are heard several times. There are numerous graphic sexual dialogues among bragging young men, as well as many sexual terms spoken by other characters (blowjob, giving head, getting laid). A girl gives a man the middle finger. A few "n" words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


The movie's theme is based around drugs, including the purchase, sale, and effects of different types of drugs, especially ecstasy. A girl sells aspirine faking it to be ecstasy. She makes a lot of money from it. There are some rave scenes where drug use is implied. Many characters, some of them being underage, drink alcoholics, and smoke cigarettes and joints. A young man is seen cutting and preparing a drug in order to sniff it, but he doesn't proceed. Another young man takes twice the recommended dosage and has a bad trip. The same young man is implied to have driven a car while he was high. A girl flushes down many ecstacy pills in order to not be found by a cop. The same girl says she is a minor and drinks a beer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


MA15+ ( Drug Use, Sexual References, & Strong Coarse Language ) This movie involves mature themes, and is fairly intense to watch despite its comedic nature. Some random violent scenes, such as the ones involving cars and guns, may disturb very young or sensitive viewers, despite not being particularly bloody.