Little Women (1994) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

Little Women
MPA: PG BBFC: U Maturity Rating ALL
MPAA Reason
Rated PG for two uses of mild language.

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Sex & Nudity


None. Some women are in 1860s style underwear and a friend suggests the oldest sister cover her chest more in one scene, but her dress actually barely reveals cleavage. Several brief kissing scenes.

Violence & Gore


A character says, "I rather crave violence." (and longs to go to war to fight injustice). Amy is struck by her teacher (the event is not shown, although we see a pink line/welt across her hand) and returns home crying softly. Not much actual violence, Jo attacks Amy after she burns some of her writing and screams that she's dead and nothing.



2 uses of 'Thank God . . .' (probably with God in mind, but they may or may not actually been commanding someone to thank God). 1 use of 'we're both stupidly stubborn'. 1 use of 'Heavens above. You've ruined me.' 5 uses of 'blast'. 1 use of 'wretched skirts'. One use of 'tarnation'. 5 uses of 'I hate' (you/someone/money) 1 use of 'Don't be such a beetle.' 1 use of 'Oh, where is that miserable glove?' 1 use of 'foolish'. None. Racism is alluded to.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


No drugs. Some smoking. Main female characters are prohibitionist, but one is convinced to drink along with the men. Laurie gets drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


At one point they get a telegram to say that their father has been injured in the war. Illness and death of Beth. Amy almost drowns.