Babe (1995) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

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Sex & Nudity


At the beginning of the film, three mother pigs are seen nursing piglets. Two mild urination jokes at the beginning. Babe (as a baby piglet) urinates on Farmer Hogget's shoe when they both first meet each other. (we see the urination). The other joke involves a puppy yelling: "But Mum, he'll (referring to Babe) wet the bed!" Mild, but rude names; like "Big Butt-Heads!" A mild reference to castration. A man says: "Snip! Snip!" and makes a very brief scissors gesture. However; the castration never happens. Explaining to Babe in regards to trying to imitate a rooster how he "tried it with the hens but it didn't work." Meaning that he tried to make eggs with the hens. I didn't pick this up when I was a kid, so yours shouldn't either.

Violence & Gore


A pig is shocked with a prod and ushered to a meat truck. A piglet falls off a pile of logs. A mildly disturbing offscreen slaughtering of a duck being killed for Christmas Dinner. Babe bites a sheep's leg in one scene. A dog chases and hits a pig. Two dogs fight and one ends up biting a man on the arm. A pack of wolves attack sheep: one dies from a bloody neck wound. A man points a shotgun at a pig. Talk of death and being killed.



"...For God's Sake" is used by the step-son on one occasion. A few mild, but stereotypical remarks, for example: "Sheep are stupid!" and "Pig's don't have a purpose!" Babe calls the sheep "Big Butt-Heads!"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


There are no drugs or alcohol abuse present in this film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


A duck is slaughtered for Christmas Dinner offscreen. The scene involving The Cat taunting Babe is quite unpleasant. The scene involving Farmer Hoggett pointing a gun at Babe is also quite frightening. Rex tries to attack the pig. Babe tries to talk to the dog and put things right between them, only to have Rex start snarling, snapping, and chasing the pig off. Babe runs away squealing and thankfully Rex's chain stops him. The incident is sudden and may trigger the jump reflex in anyone who hasn't seen the movie before. This film will almost certainly make you cry with emotion. The death of Maa is quite upsetting, it is onscreen; which makes it even more upsetting.