Se7en (1995) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: R BBFC: 18 Maturity Rating 18+
MPAA Reason
Rated R for grisly afterviews of horrific and bizarre killings, and for strong language.

BBFC Reason
Contains strong bloody violence, horror and threat

BBFC Ratings info
SE7EN is a US crime horror thriller about the hunt for a serial killer whose victims represent one of the seven deadly sins. Violence: Photographs and discovery of crime scenes in which victims have been murdered using brutal and disturbing methods present some strong graphic imagery, including sight of the corpse of a man force fed to death, a badly emaciated man, and a sequence in which it is implied a man has been forced to vaginally penetrate a woman with blade. Threat: A strong sense of threat and horror runs throughout, alongside specific moments such as characters being held at gun point for prolonged periods. There is frequent use of strong language ('f**k').

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Sex & Nudity


Several references to sex are covered during the movie. A photo of a man, wearing a strap-on with a large sharp blade (where his penis would be). This photo is shown twice. Two characters kiss while in bed. This is brief and not sexual. A character says "masturbating." Lust is one of the 7 deadly sins utilized by the killer. Towards the beginning of the movie, a dead obese man is seen on an autopsy table. His genitals can be briefly seen for about two seconds. A non graphic conversation about a man killing a woman by wearing a strap-on with a blade.

Violence & Gore


A woman is seen with her nose cut off with some blood Torture is discussed but it is never shown. Also, the aftermath of killings is shown. Although all the violence is offscreen, its description is sometimes brutal. We mostly only see and hear about the aftermath of the kills throughout the film. The violent act in which these victims are killed is not shown. The detective work displays the aftermath of the victims in a grim and gruesome way either on location, in pictures or both. Some of these scenes can be disturbing. A man is found lying on the floor of his apartment dead underneath a pool of blood. A man admits to killing a woman by cutting her head off. The head is placed in a box, and the box is shown, but not the head. Dead body shown An obese man is forced to eat for 12 hours, at which point he becomes unconscious. The killer then kicks the man in the stomach, which ruptures. This event isn't shown, but is later explained. A man is tied to his own bed for a year. This is shown as a jump scare when a police officer shines a light in his face presuming he is dead, only for the man to start coughing, it is later mentioned that he bit off his tongue a long time Ago (offscreen). A model's nose is cut off (not shown). A man then glues a phone to one hand so she could call for help, and a bottle of medication so he could put herself out of her misery. She chooses to put herself out of her misery by ingesting the medication. This isn't shown at all, but is later talked about. A man shoots another man, minimal blood. The scene is also shown from very far away.



Most of the swearing happens in the second half of the movie. 74 uses of "fuck".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


People are seen smoking and drinking. Wine is shown during a dinner table scene

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The film has an exceptionally dark theme, story and tone. It challenges its character's and audiences morality by asking if there is any real value of human life in the modern world. Some people consider this a horror movie. The film is sometimes very dark and disturbing in terms of violence with various murders related to the thematics of the seven deadly sins None of the murders are shown but you see the aftermath of some of them and it is very brutal. When nothing is shown it is also very disturbing. The deaths may be seen as frightening or intense. There is a jumpscare scene. A man is questioned by police when they discover he killed a woman by using a specially modified harness that uses a blade to kill the woman. He is in shock. The ending is intense, and the hysterical behavior of a major character just makes it more suspenseful A woman is killed by beheading and her head is delivered to the police in a box. The beheading and the head are not shown. We see a box and then dialogue explains what occurred. A character finds in literary form, a confession to self harm, and it also talks about seven children that were killed. Although nothing is shown, it is still intense. Sloth is easily the most intense sin of all, basically having a man without moving for a year. We see the aftermath of his deteriorated body. Then it is revealed that he ate his own tongue. This is all offscreen. This film has a regular plot same as any other thriller film. But, the atmosphere of this film is so dark and the ending is exceptionally depressing and sad.