Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

Searching for Bobby Fischer
MPA: PG BBFC: PG Maturity Rating 7+
MPAA Reason
Rated PG for thematic elements.

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Sex & Nudity



Violence & Gore


No blood. No gore. A small bunch of yelling/arguments and slamming doors. There's one scene where there's a chess tournament and parents get into a fight with each other. The head conductor then escorts them downstairs to a jail like cell.



'Hell' is said casually 3 times. "Christ" is heard twice, as is "Jesus."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Several scenes take place in a city park where people are seen smoking. One of the main characters mentions something about a 2-minute game of speed chess in the park can be worth some good drug money.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


There is tension resulting from how seriously the seven-year-old main character takes chess. At one point he's not doing well in school and his father gets into a heated spat with the teacher. At another point the mother and dad have an argument and the mom threatens to take the son away. The chess teacher is strict. After the boy insists on getting a certificate from the teacher, he matter-of-factly pulls dozens of meaningless printed copies of papers (which he claimed early were very special) from a briefcase, until the mom throws him (the teacher) out of the house. Another point the chess teacher knocks pieces off a chess board (we see this again in a flashback), the make a loud clattering sound. When the kid throws a chess tournament game in seven moves, this father verbally berates him in the rain for a bit. Eventually, the kid asks why the father's standing at a distance from him, and the father folds and hugs the son in forgiveness.