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The Crow
MPA: R BBFC: 18 Maturity Rating 18+
MPAA Reason
Rated R for a great amount of strong violence and language, and for drug use and some sexuality.

BBFC Reason

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Sex & Nudity


The rape of a young woman is a major theme in this movie A woman is seen from behind taking a shower fully nude. Only buttocks are visible. The breast and nipple of a dead woman are visible for approximately 2-3 seconds. Shelly is shown undressed in the bed, but Eric's hands cover everything, and nothing is visible. There are many flashbacks depicting the rape of Eric's fiancée. They are graphic in nature, but nothing is shown.

Violence & Gore


Eric is dropped out of his apartment window after being attacked. His face is bloody, but that's the extent. Eric swings from the metal frame of his window and cuts his hands and make them bleed, only for the wounds to heal instantaneously. The Crow explodes a pawn shop, causing the owner to fly out of the back and catch his pant leg on fire, but he isn't terribly harmed. Top Dollar stabs a man through his throat with a sword, but he doesn't die, he squirms & makes choking noises so Top Dollar shoots him in the head. Eric is stabbed, kicked, and thrown out a window. The Crow kills a man with his own knives. The body is found later, with over a half dozen knives sticking out of his chest. Not too graphic, but the knives are clearly seen. The Crow overdoses a man by inserting many needles filled with drugs into his chest. The man is found choking on his own blood as The Crow disappears. The Crow attacks a man in his own home, and then drags him bloodied up and cut into the bathroom and cleaning him off before killing him. The Crow ties a man to his own car and sends it flying off the pier into a sparking explosion. The aftermath is shown on the newspaper, revealing only the charred remnants of the victim. The Crow is shot through the heart, but he heals instantly . A rape victim is found at the crime scene. She's still alive, but she is bloody and has cuts. She dies 30 hours later at the hospital. One of the last fight scenes is very violent. The Crow confronts a group of people in a meeting room, and hundreds of shots are fired as The Crow is shot at and supposedly killed once or twice, as he throws various criminals out of the windows of the room. The Crow is shot in the shoulder, but this time he doesn't recover as easily. Detective Albercht is shot twice, but he survives. Crow's personal crow pecks the eyes out of Myca, which causes her to fall multiple stories and hit the ground, dying. The final fight scene of the movie is intense. Top Dollar stabs Eric through the stomach with a large sword, and the bloodied sword is visible. Eric falls against the scaffolding of the church, but when Top Dollar closes in, he uses his mental abilities to make Top Dollar experience the 30 hours of pain that Shelly experienced in thirty seconds. Blood comes out of Top Dollar's nose and mouth as he falls and is impaled by a fountain, making the mouth of the fountain poor red.



mostly the f*** words are used by the bad guys but 1f*** word used by Eric Strong language throughout. around 48 uses of the F-word, including 12 uses of g**damn, shit, ass and hell. Name-calling (crackhead, freak), and various religious exclamations (Jesus Christ, oh my God, etc.) Odd uses and derivatives of curse words (shit on me, Jesus Christ in a taxicab).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Some scenes are set in bars where people can be seen drinking. People are seen smoking in various scenes throughout the movie.. One character is seen snorting cocaine. A man is murdered by having lots of needles injected into him, we presume they contain drugs. Some references to drugs, although most of it is about alcohol and addictive drugs. A man and a woman inject heroin into their arms, even though the Crow squeezes the drugs out of the woman's arms.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The whole movie is very dark in nature, talking about rape, violence, and vengeance. The rape scene, even though it is spread out throughout the movie, is still intense as we see what Shelly went through during the event. The scene at the end of movie where Shelly comes back to bring Eric back to the realm of the dead is very emotionally intense.