The Beast of War (1988) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

The Beast of War
MPA: R BBFC: 18 Maturity Rating 18+

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Sex & Nudity


A man gets on top of a tank and begins humping it while screaming "I need a woman!" near the beginning A nude baby is shown from behind sitting. A few brief scenes in which nude photos of women are visible

Violence & Gore


The film opens on the bombing of a small village, and several dead and bloodied bodies are shown. Tanks roll in and start firing. A man fires a shot back with a cannon but is shot at by the tank. Woman throw rocks at the tank, but are forced back by a toxic gas. One woman is killed my the gas and is shown dead. Soldiers exit the tanks holding guns and proceed to destroy the town. An Afghan rebel attacks the invading soldiers in his village, setting one man on fire and shooting an empty gun at another, but he is then captured and hit several times out of view. A soldier is hurt and screams he is bleeding. Some blood is shown on his face. People are shown dead after drinking poisoned water. Women begin to throw rocks at a man who is tied up, but are stopped before he is seriously injured. A woman is covered in blood after impliedly stoning a man to death in revenge. A man is slashed across his forearm with a knife. Lots of scenes in which people get shot with blood visible. Scene in which a man is wounded by an explosion, he is then shown with his chest bloodied and his intestines exposed. A unarmed man is forced to lie down in front of a tank which then runs him over, his remains are later shown (bloodied sand with vague mangled body parts visible). A man attempted to blow himself up with a grenade, but is stopped.

'Sh*t' is said. 'Godd*mn' is said. 'Son of a b*tch' is said. 'F*ck' is said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Men smoke cigarettes in the background. A man describes how he makes an alcohol like substance out of brake fluid.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The opening sequence is very violent and difficult to watch. People mourn the deaths of their relatives and plot revenge. Many of the scenes where a superior officer berates a junior soldier are tense. Unloading the misfires shell is tense. The several attacks on the tank are quite dramatic. Several characters are being chased for a large portion of the movie and are afraid they will be caught. The theme of war and the violence and deaths throughout may be difficult for some viewers.