Last Action Hero (1993) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

Last Action Hero
MPA: PG-13 BBFC: 15 Maturity Rating 16+
MPAA Reason
Rated PG-13 for strong action sequences.

BBFC Reason
moderate violence

BBFC Ratings info
LAST ACTION HERO is an action adventure drama in which a boy is transported into the world of his favourite fictional action hero. Violence: Scenes of violence include shootings with some brief impact wounds, fight scenes which include heavy blows, an electrocution and a scene in which a man is set on fire. There is also infrequent strong language ('f**k'), as well as moderate sex references.

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Sex & Nudity


A few women are seen in revealing clothing in the movie world. A couple of references to "premature ejaculation." A young woman (who looks 20-ish) kisses a young boy on the lips. A car crashes through a building and women in lingerie flee the room.

Violence & Gore


There is lots of violence in this movie, but a lot of it is played for comedic effect, as it pokes fun at the action genre. Many shootouts, car chases, and explosions take place, with some hand-to-hand fighting. Most of it is bloodless. A house explodes and kills two police officers. There's a large-scale car chase towards the beginning of the film, with several vehicles blowing up and several people getting shot. One car crashes into an ice cream truck, and an ice cream cone stabs a bad guy in the back of the head and kills him, but there is no blood, and it's meant to be funny. Lots of shooting occurs during this scene. A large shootout takes place in Slater's home, and he shoots and kills 3-4 men, electrocutes one, and beats up another. Gunfire destroys the place, but no blood or gore is shown. The main character is shot in the chest, but he recovers, and no blood is shown. Slater shoots a villain in the chest. A shootout takes place at a funeral, but no one is hit. Many people fire weapons at Slater, who avoids the shots. It's meant to be funny. A bomb is put into a corpse's body, and the corpse explodes, but the explosion happens in a tar pit, and no blood or gore is seen. One character is shot in the back. The main villain shoots a bad guy and he dies. Slater's friend is found beaten half to death. A woman beats a man to death with her bare hands. When in the real world, the main bad guy kills several innocent pedestrians. Two men in cars play chicken and crash into each other violently. Slater shoots at a man driving away in a car after a few shots are exchanged. Slater electrocutes a villain by zapping rain water on a rooftop that the villain is on. This is not very graphic at all. Slater shoots a villain and he explodes, but no blood, body parts, or gore is seen. A man is shot near the end, and almost dies, though he recovers. An escaped mental patient is thrown off of a roof by a gunshot blast. In retaliation, he grabs Slater's son by the shirt collar and drags him along, killing them both.



At the end of the film, Slater's boss yells "doing a fucking tango up and down my Hershey highway" while hilarious and spoken quickly it's tough to catch but it's there Lots of mild profanity scattered throughout the film. "Cocksuckin'" is used once, but it's said so quickly you most likely won't pick up on it at first.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Slater is seen smoking cigars continually throughout the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


A young boy is threatened with a switchblade and then handcuffed while a robber ransacks his home. Slater's son is killed.