Jumanji (1995) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: PG BBFC: PG Maturity Rating 7+
MPAA Reason
Rated PG for menacing fantasy action and some mild language.

BBFC Reason
Contains mild fantasy horror

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Sex & Nudity


Kissing scene

Violence & Gore


In one scene Peter rolls the dice and summons a lion. It's tail wags across a piano playing a brief note of creepy music. It chases him and Judy down the stairs nimbly but it trapped in a bedroom by Alan Parrish who was summoned on the same roll. A boy is beaten by several other kids but it is hidden by a stone with an address. His lip bleeds. A hunter shoots at several people.



A couple uses of damn and hell.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Sam Parrish is seen smoking a pipe early in the film. A homeless man is seen smoking a pipe in an abandoned factory.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


About midway through the movie, Alan summons a hunter who chases after him and repeatedly tries to shoot him. At one point, he tries to shoot Alan in the head, but misses. There is a scene which involves many spiders crawling all over the attic. When the kids use the board game, the animals come out and some of their appearances are quite freaky. When the game starts near the beginning of the movie, young Alan is slowly sucked into the game (using CGI, of course). The appearance of him screaming and slithering into the game is quite frightening, and scary music plays at the same time. Right after this, young Sarah screams and runs out of the house in terror as dozens of bats begin chirping loudly and emerge from the fireplace. Alan drives a police car through a grocery store, destroying it in the process. Eventually, an entire shelf of paint cans falls on Van Pelt (this is played for comedic effect). A stampede chases Alan, Sarah, Judy and Peter throw the house, but they all leap out of the path at the last second. In a scene, Alan and Sarah play the game and Alan is trapped inside the jungle, with bats flying and Sarah running away, afraid. 26 years later, Alan is set free. Scenes involving the bats, lions, huge mosquitos, monkeys, dangerous flowers, elephants, spiders, an obsessed hunter and crocodiles. Monkeys destroy a kitchen and throw knives at two young children; they also scare several people, crash a car, steal TV's, hijack a motorcycle and damage a shop. A stampede of elephants, rhinos, birds, zebras and other animals run through a town, injuring some people and damaging many things; Peter is almost crushed to death inside a car. Peter is almost killed by a giant plant. Giant spiders attack people. Peter tries to kill the spiders with an axe. Dozens of bats chase Sarah down a street. Judy is killed near the end by a poisonous flower, but is alive again in 1995.