I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

I Know What You Did Last Summer
MPA: R BBFC: 15 Maturity Rating 16+
MPAA Reason
Rated R for strong horror violence and language.

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Sex & Nudity


Nudity: None Sex: One occurrence of implied sexual intercourse, no depiction. Julie comes out of the shower wrapped in a small towel. Her legs and thighs are shown, along with a large amount of cleavage. She wears the towel for about five minutes. No nudity. Helen and other beauty pageant contestants wear bathing suits on stage, many of them showing cleavage. Ray comments that he never realized Helen's breasts were so "ample" and then Barry comments that she does exercises to "pump them up". Julie and Helen wear cleavage revealing tops throughout the film.

Violence & Gore


A man is murdered offscreen (his death was believed to be accidental drowning). A young man gets impaled with a hook under his chin. Blood pours out of his chin and mouth and he is dragged over a counter with blood smearing all over the counter. A young man is hit by a car and crashed through a building. Although he's alive, he lies on the ground with cuts and scrapes on his face. A woman's neck is sliced by a hook. Blood splashes on a window. The killer is seen with dragging her body away with his hook impaled into her chest, and carrying her by the hook. Probably the most disturbing image of the movie. Her dead body is later seen stashed in a bathroom with blood on her neck and on the toilet. A man is stabbed in the stomach with a hook and lifted into the sky. Blood pours from his mouth. The killer then removes the hook and wipes blood off of it. A young woman discovers a young man's corpse in her car truck covered in crabs (crabs seen crawling in his mouth). The same woman later discovers a corpse of a young woman (with bloody wounds) and a young man's frozen face under ice. Pretty shocking. An evil man carrying a hook chases a young woman on his boat and strikes a young man with the hook. The evil man's hand is caught in rigging, and he is lifted into the air. We see his hand sever at the wrist and fall off when the rigging tightens. A man is struck by a car and dumped alive(presumed dead) in the sea. His face is dirty with blood. Barry is murdered, we see the bloody hook repeatedly coming down on him. Blood is later seen dripping from a railing. A man in a dark rain slicker and carrying a hook kills Helen amongst a stack of tires. Only a little blood seen.



Some strong language. 33 uses of "fuck" and one use if "faggot". Typical teen slasher language. Most of the strong language is done by Ryan Phillippe's character Barry.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Some teen drinking. A teen character smokes cigarettes. Julie's mother ridiculously asks her daughter if she's on drugs. She calmly answers no.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


Moderate. Several jump scares. The killer may be frightening to some. Several stalking scenes. Several jump scares. Killer terrorizes his victims a bit. Though the entire movie is eerie and very suspenseful (with the main characters trying to figure out who is stalking them), the violence is fairly tame, especially for an R-rated horror film. Most killings are brief with minimal blood, and even the stronger violence is toned down and scarce. Not a lot of gore.