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The Babysitter
MPA: NR Maturity Rating 18+

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Sex & Nudity


An older girl spanks a younger girl on the buttocks while an old man ogles them from the bushes. A girl lies about a man making sexual advances towards her in her bedroom, bothering the man's wife. A teenage girl wears a revealing dress, her cleavage is seen. An adult man falls in love with her and it's implied that they have sex, though it's not shown on-screen. Teenagers tongue-kiss in the dark. Later on one girl is shown making out with a younger teenage boy on a sofa, and she violently shouts at another girl who walks into the room.

A woman gets into a car crash and is knocked unconscious. A girl tells the babysitter that she wishes she were dead. The babysitter kills a boy when his head is struck by a sailboat and she refuses to help rescue him. Later on she laughs about it. The babysitter kills a trout by pounding it to death repeatedly with a hammer in a sadistic way. A man goes up to an attic and finds the dead bodies of a family preserved in plastic wrap. A man is knocked unconscious. A babysitter threatens a family with a knife. The murder of a baby is mentioned.


An alcoholic woman repeatedly gets drunk in various scenes. Tara and the babysitter have a party and the dad mentions that he can smell pot.

There is a lot of content implying a young girl was abused in the foster care system. She also claims to have been shifted to at least eight different homes in the course of her childhood. This film has very eerie tones and could frighten younger viewers.