Moonwalker (1988) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: R BBFC: PG Maturity Rating 7+
MPAA Reason
Rated R for strong bloody violence, graphic nudity, plentiful drug use and language.

BBFC Reason
Contains mild violence and negative drug references

BBFC Ratings info
MOONWALKER is a collection of performances and music videos featuring Michael Jackson. Violence: There are dramatic scenes featuring beatings and the use of firearms, but the violence is presented in a stylised, unrealistic manner. Drugs: There are verbal and visual references to drug misuse in the dramatic context of a villainous character who deals in drugs. Drug misuse is portrayed in an entirely negative light. There is very mild bad language ('hell').

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Sex & Nudity


There is almost no sexual content in this film. At the beginning, Michael exposes some of his chest, and all his shoulders at a concert. In the "Smooth Criminal" segment, there are some sexual dances, but very brief, and a little revealingly. In the "Come Together" segment, an unbuttoned shirt reveals a lot of Michael's chest, and there is a little sexual dance. There are several "crotch-grabs," not only by Michael, but by the child and claymated rabbit who imitate him.

Violence & Gore


There is no gore in the film, however there is intense violence throughout the "Smooth Criminal" part of "Moonwalker". In the club, Michael Jackson shoots the goons to escape the club. One sneaks up behind him with a knife, and is shot (He dissipates into a police outline), one is beaten, and one is apparently shot by someone other than Michael. Katie (Kellie Parker) is kidnapped and thrown around roughly at the end of the film, which includes having her hair pulled, and being knocked in the head. There is a fight at the end, where Michael Jackson is beaten (there is no gore) with a kick to the stomach. Several things are blown up and shot at. When Michael turns into a robot, most of the violence turns to screaming, yelling, and guns. When he turned into a car, he ran away.



When Michael fails to open a door (which is locked) while being chased by Mr Big, he say's something that sounds like "sh*t". Overall, only one profanitic word, "hell".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


In the "Smooth Criminal" segment, Mr. Big tries to inject an addictive drug into Katie, but fails. There are tarantulas that have been genetically engineered with venom that includes addictive drugs, by Mr. Big. There is little use of drugs in the club.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


In the "Leave Me Alone" segment, Jackson is shown dancing with the Elephant Man's bones, a bit graphic and frightening. There is also a giant pair of dentures that are "chomping" along to the song, very intense for minors. In the "Speed Demon" segment, animated and real figures often shapeshift into numerous disguises. Some are especially graphic, and frightening. Overall, this is a good anthologic film for young viewers.