Spellcaster (1988) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: R BBFC: 18 Maturity Rating 18+

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Sex & Nudity


A couple of light sex scenes, but no nudity is shown.

Violence & Gore


After a dishwashers couple are fired from work for dilly dallying but then immediately learning they won a contest, they start breaking some dishes in spite. A guy falls off a tall castle. Zombies attack a lady but she manages to escape them. Two people are driving in a car. The car stalls out and then magically the doors lock them in. The car then explodes. A lady is eaten by a monsterous chair. A fair amount of blood and salivia are present. Later another woman is nearly killed the same way, but a guy saves her. A guy eats a giant animal on a platter. A lady near him is repulsed. The guy then morphs into a pig and is like that for the rest of the film.



"Fuck" is used once, other mild profanities like "damn" and "bastard" used a few times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


One lady is a very heavy alcoholic. She pratically has bottles glued to her hands. In one scene a guy takes the bottle and smashes it. After the guy leaves the lady starts licking the remains on the floor, suckiling in greed/spite at first but then starts crying at what she's become. Little if any smoking/drugs are present.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


There are paintings of what looks like the Devil with actual people in the film. The ending is kind of scary at first but has a unique and interesting twist to it.