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The Green Berets
MPA: G BBFC: 12 Maturity Rating 13+

BBFC Reason
Contains moderate violence and gore

BBFC Ratings info
THE GREEN BERETS is a Vietnam war drama about Colonel Mike ‘Bulldog’ Kirby and his hand-picked teams of crack Green Berets, who undertake two dangerous missions. The film was passed at A in 1968 with one cut, which has since been restored. Violence: Much of the violence takes place during undetailed battle scenes and explosions, with no sight of human injury. However, in one scene, a marine is ambushed by men armed with long knives and, as he fights them off, he is impaled on a tree branch, with some blood seen on the wood protruding from his stomach. It is also implied the marine is stabbed below screen, but uses the same blade to cut his attacker’s throat, although this is not focused upon. Later a man is strangled, and there is brief sight of a row of bodies burning after an incendiary device has been used. The marines come across a sacked village, with dead bodies scattered around and one tied to a pole, with a bloody head. The dialogue implies that a girl has been sexually assaulted and murdered, but her body is only seen from a distance.

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Sex & Nudity


No sex or nudity. A woman is seen in her bras and underwear. She is later seen in bed, but covered up with bed sheets.

Violence & Gore


Many people either die, or are wounded with little to moderate amounts of blood. Includes a particularly gory scene when a man is shown impaled with spikes in graphic detail. Green Berets in a helicopter shoot at Vietcong troops and destroy a dock with rockets. A Green Beret takes down four Vietnamese soldiers with his bare hands. One of them sticks him with a knife (he bleeds a little) before going down. After the fight, the Green Beret calls for his squadern and dies. A long battle scene in which the Vietcong storms an American army base. A gunship pilot shoots an entire Vietnamese army unit with the gunship's gatling gun. A Green Beret gets caught in a booby trap and is stuck to a bunch of spikes. Blood is seen. Green Berets break into the home of a Vietcong General, arrest him, and kill his army guards.



Some mild.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Some of both.

Frightening & Intense Scenes