Cocktail (1988) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

MPA: R BBFC: 15 Maturity Rating 16+

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Sex & Nudity


A woman removed her swimming costume in a pool of water. She then reveals her naked body to her boyfriend. No frontal nudity is shown but you do see the side of her breast from behind. A scene of sexuality although nothing is shown as it is undercover. Partial nudity of a woman's bare butt no frontal though.

Violence & Gore


A woman slaps a man, hard across the face. In an act of revenge, a woman pours several food items over a man. A man punches another man in a bar, the other man brandishes a broken bottle. A man punches another man, he responds by stamping on his foot and pushing him down. A man is seen face down in a pool of blood having committed suicide by presumably slashing his own throat. The only case of bloody violence in the movie. A man restrains a (not visible) pregnant woman and is punched by another man. A man falls down a flight of stairs at a subway station but is relatively unhurt.



A man tells a bouncer to "piss off". The f*** word is used 12 times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Some characters smoke cigarettes. a little bit of pot use in it. The main theme of the movie is drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


With a dozen F-Bombs in it, even under today's standards, it would still garner at R rating, even though the rest of the movie is mild. A man's suicide may be distressing for some. One bar fight. A mans suicide note to his best friend is narrated by the dead character. It's a very emotional scene and some may find it upsetting or distressing. Particularly those that have been affected by suicide.