The Gate (1987) - Parents Guide Movie Rating

The Gate
MPA: PG-13 BBFC: 15 Maturity Rating 16+

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Sex & Nudity


Some sexual references; ex. a character says that two boys were "fagging off".

Violence & Gore


A flashlight is flashed on a picture with a bloodied family in the background. Some act of violence on children and teens; ex. a scene where a child is strangled by a character. A boy gets a splinter in his hand, you see him pull it out and there is moderate blood resulting from the wound. A man's face melts; instead of seeing blood, you see a milky white substance. You see hanging flesh from his face. You then see a woman's head fall off and squash on the ground. (The scene last a whole 30 seconds but can be intense for younger viewers). A characters gets his eye stabbed with a Barbie-doll leg, for a brief second you can see the barbie leg in his eye socket. You also see blood dripping off the barbie leg. A dog's corpse is seen in different scenes for the first half of the movie; in some scenes its lifeless body is carried around. You can see blood on the dog, but is barely noticeable because of its dark hair. Later you see the dead dog in a bed with its tongue out and bloody sheets. You see symbols on the wall smeared with blood. A character is stabs an eye (eye ball) in his hand with a glass shard (you see a hole and blood in his palm resulting from the cut). Two main characters die, but at the end they come back A bunch of tiny demons start biting a character. There is no blood resulting from the bites.



Some homophonic slurs like "midget," "fag" (short for faggot), and "retarded," but no RACIAL slurs. A couple uses of shit and several other profanities including name calling, all involving pre-teens and teenagers.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Some underage drinking and teen smoking at a party

Frightening & Intense Scenes


Most young kids will be creeped out.There are many weird, creepy, satanic themes in this movie. There is not much blood/gore but plenty of nasty slimy stuff from monsters. Spooky and scary sequences involving moths, ghosts, and scary looking demons; all involving kids/teens. Many characters are put in peril. Many of these scenes could frighten young viewers (depending on your child). The theme of the movie is about an accidental satanic ritual that released demons.